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Paperform is the flexible online form builder that combines thoughtful design with serious digital smarts. Our editor is built from the ground-up for small business owners: easy to master, with no techno-geek skills needed. Build forms that look amazing and help you achieve amazing things, while saving time, money and your sanity.

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Completely Customizable

Paperforms are completely customizable to your unique brand. Create your own themes, tailor your color palette to your business and embed content wherever you like. Don’t settle for another boring form that looks like everyone else’s. Make it yours.

Professional Templates

We’ve got hundreds of pre-built templates designed by our team to get you inspired and creating fast. Need to get something done? There’s a template for that.

Easy Peasy

No more drag & lag interfaces or clumsy menus. Paperform’s as easy to use as a document—and 10x more fun. Concentrate on creating, with our contextual interface that only pops up when you need it.

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Ca-Ching. Get Paid Fast.

Sell the products and services you want and let your customers pay whenever, whatever and however. Create simple memberships, set up subscriptions and collect donations. With over $90 Million USD in revenue using Paperform, you can trust us to show you the money.


Stay on Schedule.

Use forms to automatically book meetings and appointments without all the back-and-forth emails. Set available times, sync it all to your Google Calendar and get back on track.


Play By Your Rules.

Set the logic rules you want. Ask the questions you need answered and skip the rest. Make your own answers with Excel-esque calculations. Craft a responsive user experience that makes every customer feel like the apple of your eye — from hello to goodbye.


So many integrations.

Connect with over 2,000 apps with native integrations and third-party app platforms like Zapier and Make. Sync data to CRMs, spreadsheets, task managers and more to keep everything under one roof.

Smarter forms means better business.

Embed forms on your website, or share directly with a personalized URL. See what’s working and learn more about customers from the built-in Paperform Analytics dashboard, or export to CSV with a click. Get your data how you want it.


Paperform does everything short of open bottles.

You won’t believe all the things you can create. Forms that collect information. Forms that keep you on schedule. Forms that get you paid. That onboard and organize. Educate and entertain. Persuade, sell and solve problems. There’s truly a form for any situation. If you can dream it, you can Paperform it.

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The most significant benefit of using Paperform has been the possibility to innovate quickly, creating new pages and types of content without the need to include a tech team or develop a whole set of tools and options. We have been able to create a bunch of new products and showcase new ideas thanks to Paperform. This includes a whole interview that was conducted and published from start-to-finish using Paperform.
Garbiñe Hoyo Martínez
Paperform seamlessly matches the look and feel of my existing landing pages. With every other form builder I’ve tried, you can tell that the form has just been embedded onto the website. With Paperform, however, my forms look like they’re part of the website; they just blend into the page and represent my brand perfectly.
Kassy Pajarillo
Ecommerce conversion rates tend to average around 2% on mobile devices... Our campaign managed to overcome this, as we reached a staggering 10% conversion rate on our Paperform store. This was largely due to Paperform’s extensive theming options, which allowed us to create a beautiful and professional-looking store that not only instilled trust in those who landed on it, but also helped translate Blütenträume’s physical brand into its online one.
Dennis Karle
My clients have to collect a lot of information from our forms based on the customer’s requests, questions and to allow images to be uploaded. Their previous forms had long interfaces, so they had high abandonment rates…After switching to Paperform there have been no customer hiccups or mistakes; we've maintained a 100% form completion rate.
Chris Andrade
CJ Andrade Web Design
Guided Mode allows our customers to only see one question at a time, making our forms more approachable and interactive. We AB tested our Paperform with our old form and found that our conversion rate increased by a staggering 91%.
Amadeusz Bathelt

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