Diana Chase
  author and historian




"Hi there!. Welcome to my site!

I am Diana Chase, writer of novels, short stories and non-fictional works. I live in Perth, Western Australia in a rambling old house near the beach. You may have found me on other publishers sites but this site collates all my works so you can find any particular one and discover a bit more about me.

On a personal note...lets see...

To my fellow writers, I'm part of a trade that I love (show me a writer who isn't). I'm also someone who has been lucky enough to be published in an area I love - that of writing for children.

To my friends and family, I'm eccentric, hyper-active, funny, loyal, odd-angled, irritating, determined, argumentative, slightly radical, party-loving, competative, animal-dominated, an avid observer of life, constant note-taker and desperate non techno-head.

To all this I add passionate bush lover and sea-freak; world hitch-hiker, proud Australian and mildly xenophobic Sandgroper. Whatever I am is in my writing. Thankfully not all at once, but what I have experienced, seen, been part of, observed, felt, wished for, done and left undone echoes through my stories.

That is what I am and who I am.

Ohh...and I am also a professional historian as you will see in my list of published works. A lot of those books were written with my close friend and colleague Valerie Krantz in a business called Research and Write. You may also find me in the closet writing romantic fiction."

"This is what my mum wrote for me to put on this site shortly before she died unexpectedly in 2008. We all miss her dearly...her legacy lives on. Love Ben."



















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