Diana Chase
  author and historian




B.A. (Curtin Univ.)                   Major in English Literature and Australian Studies; 1975

Teacher's Certificate                 Claremont Teachers College, 1955


ß         Professional Member of Professional Historians and Researchers Association WA (Inc)

ß         Member of Curtin Alumni

ß         Full membership of Australian Society of Authors


  • Primary and Secondary teaching in Australia, Britain and Canada
  • Editor of Historicus, Journal of the W.A. History Teachers' Association (1980-1986).
  • Writer of the Childrenís Page for the Western Farmer, plus other articles.
  • Partner with V. Krantz in registered business, Research and Write, 22 Mounts Bay Road, Crawley, W.A.
  • Writer of childrenís books.

Joint Publications Diana Chase and Valerie Krantz and Research and Write:

For the Education Department of W.A.(1983-1986):

         History in Cartoons - From Depression to World War II

         Cartoons in History

         The American Revolution

         Explorers of Western Australia

         The Convict Period in W.A.

         Local Government for Primary Schools (Filmstrip with sound)

For Longman Cheshire, Melbourne:

         A Cartoon History of World Events 1900-1945, 1988.

         International Relations in the 1920s and 1930s: A documentary approach, 1990.

For Macmillan Education Australia Pty Ltd:

         The Dawn Fraser Story, Macmillan, Melbourne, 1991.

         Sir Donald Bradman, Macmillan, Melbourne, 1991.

         Howard Florey Macmillan, Melbourne,1991.

         Charles Kingsford Smith, Macmillan, Melbourne 1991.

         Douglas Mawson, Macmillan, Melbourne, 1991.

         Dame Enid Lyons, Macmillan, Melbourne, 1993.

         William Morris Hughes, Macmillan, Melbourne, 1993.

         Joan Sutherland, Macmillan, Melbourne, 1993.

For Macmillan Education Australia Pty Ltd (cont.):

         John Farnham, Macmillan, Melbourne, 1993.

         Tom Roberts, Macmillan, Melbourne, 1993.

         Grace Cossington Smith, Macmillan, Melbourne, 1993.

         The Macmillan Science and Technology Encyclopedia, 1992. Transport, Communication articles and Reference Tables

         The Story Behind the Legend Series, 1995. Eight titles each with four stories:

       Shipwreck (The Sydney and the Emden, the Sydney and the Kormoran, the Mystery of the Zuytdorp and the Pandora)

       Survivors(Eliza Fraser, The Survivors of Mer, William Buckley and Modesto Varischetti)

       Rogues and Underdogs (Mary Reiby, Ikey Solomon Frank Gardiner and Alf Smith)

       The Outback Spirit (The Duff Children, Nat Buchanan, Daisy Bates and Mother Buntine)

       Hidden Treasure (The Spanish Treasure, Opals, Lassetter's Reef, and the Broome Diamond Mystery)

       Legendary Animals (The Thylacene, The Kangaroo, The Australian dog; Australia's Horses)

       Beating the Distance (Camels, Bush Airways, Riverboats, and Cobb and Co.)

       To the Rescue (Grace Bussell, Bushfire!, Surf Lifesavers and the Kokoda Track)

         What Would You Do?                                 A BLM on Ethics and Responsibilities.. Macmillan, 1997.

For PA Property Trust:

         The Plaza Story:                                          A History of Perth Town Lot F17, Confidential Print and     
                                                                 Design Centre, Perth, 1988.

For Dominion Mining Ltd:

         The Mt Morgans Story:                              History of a mining town, Dominion Mining, Perth,  1991    
                                                                 Republished  in 1996 by Plutonic.

For Francis Burt Law Education Centre:

         The Convict Experience in WA                Background Notes for Teachers, 1992.

         Two Hundred Pounds, A House                Research and Text for a Slide-Tape presentation:, A History of

       and a Horse                                                    the Anglican Chaplaincy at the Fremantle Prison, 1992.

For the Capel Shire:

         Just a Horse Ride Away:                            The history of Capel Shire and its people, WA, 1995

*Short listed for South Australian

Premiers Award; Local History Section

For Women's Policy Development Office: (To commemorate Women's Suffrage, achieved in 1899)

         Portrait of Progress:                                  A Celebration of Western Australian Women: from colonial

times to present day. (Chase and Krantz with Jan Jackson.), 1999.

For Fremantle Arts Centre Press:

         Angel in a Gumtree:                           A picture book on Christmas in Australia, with artist Heather -

*Short listed for the Premierís Book               Hummel, 1999. Republished, 2006.Award 2000                                                  

Timeslip                                                                 1997 Story about a young girl in a time warp.

Surfís Up                                                               Winner of the 2000 Young Readersí Choice: Hoffman Award.

                A boy overcomes a handicap and learns to surf - as well as a great many other things.

Chloeís Wish                                                        2001 A wish to fly, a wacky fairy godmother, Chloe, her brother and a pain of a cousin.

The Lighthouse Kids                                          2003. Annie and her young brother Davey lose their mother and live with their grandfather in his lighthouse at the end of the world. There are new relationships and new skills to learn, places to explore, villains, hidden caves and secrets to unravel.

Daisy Street                                                          Published May 2005.A collection of different stories about the different people who live in Daisy Street.

No More Borders For Josef                                Short-listed for Premierís Book Award, 2007,Published July 2006. Josefís family are killed in the war in the former Yugoslavia. He escapes with others through the forest to a refugee camp. To his dismay he is sent to Australia, to an uncle heís never heard of and a new life full of many more unknowns and problems to overcome.


  • For Wisdom: A Convict's Story:                       A kit for schools on convicts in WA. 1998


For Australian Teaching Aids

         People in the Community:                                 Integrated Curriculum Activities, 2001

  • For WA Premierís Department [Office of Protocol]  Story of the Western Australian Flag and Symbols

*            For University of WA: Section   for online History of WA:  The Emu Fence

Publications by Diana Chase

For Wendy Pye Ltd

         Pete's Pile,

         Hidden Valley, 2000

For Fremantle Arts Centre Press

         Timeslip, 1999

*Shortlisted for Young Readersí Book Award 1999

         Surf's Up, 2000

*Short listed (3rd) for the Premierís Book Award, 2000

*Winner of  WA Young Readerís Book Award, (Hoffman Award), 2000

         Angel in a Gumtree by Diana Chase and Val Krantz 

*Short listed for the Premierís Book Award, 2000

         Chloeís Wish, 2001

                     The Lighthouse Kids, 2003.

                     Daisy Street, 2005.

     No More Borders For Josef ;published July 2006.Short-listed for the Premierís Book Award 2007.

For Nelson Thomson Learning

         Ben's Tune, 2001

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